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Re: SP Champions league - all seasons

Posted: Thu Apr 12, 2018 6:49 pm
by Milko
Hippopotamus wrote:
Thu Apr 12, 2018 10:51 am
The Last Mohycan 1 - 0 Noldor (144-144) :?

Let Mohycans come to us. They will see (and feel) what means Hell of the North :twisted:


Noldor 0 - 0 The Last Mohycan (144-146)

Ok, I must say, everybody can have big talk (as I had), but results are important. Milko was better in both games and deservedly has kicked my arrogant ass. Congratulations to promotion to the final! :)
Hippo, thank you for congratulation :-) As I wrote to you, you were a tough opponent for me, choosing the details. It's probably my last win with you. Again this will be a big Hippo!

Re: SP Champions league - all seasons

Posted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 9:19 pm
by gregoric
The round ended without surprises - but in both cases it brought quite dramatic games.

The Last Mohycan - Noldor 1:0
Only one goal decided the battle between teams from group D. In a very equal home game (both teams played 144), Farooqi scored a goal in 71' - so The Last Mohycan got the ideal victory with clean sheet for their goalkeeper. In the second leg, Noldor repeated the performance from previous game, but their opponent played even two points higher. Despite that, the game ended with a goal-less draw. In overall the victory of Slovak team is well deserved, although Noldor wasn't far from surprise.

LT Athletic - U.C.SAMPDORIA 2:3
The biggest surprise of the season - LT Athletic - repeated their previous max and played 145 home. They were also leading twice in the game, but it wasn't enough. SAMPDORIA played the best away performance (149) which resulted in three goals scored away. And that was really a perfect position for the second leg. This also ended without any goals scored - but it was also an unlucky game for Bulgarian team. Theyplayed 148, 12 points higher than the opponent, but missed a penalty at the end of first half as well as all other chances in the game - they hit a post two times in the game.


3RD PLACE GAME: Noldor (SWE) - LT Athletic (LIT)
The battle of the two most positive surprises of the season - teams seeded from the lowest pot. Noldor is a favorite here, their young team is already showing very high standards. But after lower performances in the group stage, LT Athletic shown some very good games in play-offs, so they're not a complete outsider here. For Noldor, this is the fifth appearance in SPCL and they can get their 5th medal! In case they succeed, they'll take the first place in the historical ranking back from FC Remedy.

FINAL: The Last Mohycan (SVK) - U.C.SAMPDORIA (BUL)
And we have a dream final here! The top two teams of the competition will be fighting for gold. Slovak team plays their third SPCL season - they won both two previous appearances, so they can become the first team with a golden hattrick! In this case they would move up to the 3rd place in historical rank. However, their opponent is really difficult. U.C.SAMPDORIA finished second in current A division, four points ahead of their SPCL final opponent. In A division, both teams won their home games - with the same results, title would go to Slovak team (1:0 home, 1:2 away). It's very difficult to predict the winner here. Bulgarian team is a small favorite, but this will be a very equal game. U.C.SAMPDORIA plays their 5th season. It's their 3rd final in a row, they're fighting for a second gold medal. Games are scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday.

Re: SP Champions league - all seasons

Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2018 2:56 pm
by gregoric
SPCL12 FINAL: The Last Mohycan - U.C.SAMPDORIA 1:3 (1:2h, 0:1a)!
Bulgarian team takes the second title in the row after two victories in the final battle against The Last Mohycan. U.C.SAMPDORIA is the third team in the history with two victories (in a row).
Both final games brought the great performances of the season - Slovak team played 148 in both cases, while the winning team played 151 - as well both home and away. The title for U.C.SAMPDORIA is well deserved this season, they won 11 out of 12 games - and in the Semifinal draw against LT Athletic, they were quite unlucky, as the difference in line ratings was 12. Only in 4 games they played less than 148, with the total average of 146,67!

The Last Mohycan tried their best, but this time they should be also happy with the second position - although this is their worst season in SPCL :)

The season will be completed next week with the 3rd place game between Noldor and LT Athletic. After that I'll update the Top scorer rank and historical rank.

Re: SP Champions league - all seasons

Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2018 9:43 pm
by Milko
Congratulations to the victory :!: U.C.SAMPDORIA was simply better :-)
:arrow: gregoric: - Super job !!! Great organization and match views :wink:

Re: SP Champions league - all seasons

Posted: Tue May 01, 2018 10:30 pm
by gregoric
Noldor takes the 3rd place!
Both games were completed already last weekend - and Noldor won both of them. Based on the lineratings, the victory is well deserved. In the first leg, Noldor won 4:3 at home, although LT Athletic was leading 3:0 after the first half. Lithuaniam team was holding the lead until 82' min when Sulejmani scored an equalizer, followed by winning goal scored in 87' by Vanderlinden. Second game ended with Noldor's away win 2:1 - that was more under control of Swedish team.

With the bronze medal, Noldor is now back on the top of historical rank, they have 37 points - same as FC Remedy - but Dutch team needed 11 seasons to get to 37 points, while Noldor played only 5 seasons. With the overall victory in season 12, U.C.SAMPDORIA moved 2 positions up and holding 3rd position in historical rank - "just" 5 points behind the leading duo. After an unsuccessful season, rogiboys are now down by one position. Fifth place goes to The Last Mohycan - finalists of this season are 10 points behind the leaders. Slovak team keeps the highest success rate - they got 27 points with just 3 appearances - so in average 9 points per season (two gold, one silver medal).

Last season also brought one record - the highest attendance: 15.916 fans (SAMPDORIA - Red Bull FC).

Re: SP Champions league - all seasons

Posted: Fri Jun 08, 2018 2:03 pm
by gregoric

POT1: U.C.SAMPDORIA (BUL), The Last Mohycan (SVK), El Pandos Brutos (NED), Lucky Spike FC (NED)
POT2: Viastore (CZE), SAMPDORIA (BUL), BALKI (SVK), MSK_Profirol (SVK)
POT3: SC Rotterdam (NED), Red Bull FC (CZE), FC Kaima Brakonieriai (LIT), rogiboys (BEL)
POT4: FCB Eruveo (CZE), LT Athletic (LIT), FC Rovinka (SVK), Noldor (SWE)

Group stage draw:
GROUP A: U.C.SAMPDORIA (BUL), MSK_Profirol (SVK), rogiboys (BEL), LT Athletic (LIT)
GROUP B: Lucky Spike FC (NED), SAMPDORIA (BUL), Red Bull FC (CZE), FC Rovinka (SVK)
GROUP C: El Pandos Brutos (NED), BALKI (SVK), FC Kaima Brakonieriai (LIT), FCB Eruveo (CZE)
GROUP D: The Last Mohycan (SVK), Viastore (CZE), SC Rotterdam (NED), Noldor (SWE)


GROUP STAGE Draw will be published on Mon 19 Feb

Round 1 (Fri 23 - Sun 25 Feb):
A: U.C.SAMPDORIA - MSK_Profirol 4:3 (2:2) G: Nzekou 2, Belansky 2 - Romagnoli 3 / P: 148 - 138 / A: 6360 ... &season=80
A: rogiboys - LT Athletic 1:0 (0:0) G: Pralija / P: 136 - 135 / A: 6781 ... &season=80
B: Lucky Spike FC - FC Rovinka 0:0 P: 144 - 141 / A: 5441 ... &season=80
B: SAMPDORIA - Red Bull FC 2:2 (2:1) G: Aho, Bespalla - Iniesta, Vanderlinden / P: 141 - 141 / A: 15916 ... &season=80
C: El Pandos Brutos - BALKI 2:1 (1:1) G: Iairo (P), Aste Perez - Agoye / P: 137 - 130 / A: 4757 ... &season=80
C: FC Kaima Brakonieriai - FCB Eruveo 0:1 (0:0) G: Telek / P: 132 - 134 / A: 5264 ... &season=80
D: The Last Mohycan - Noldor 1:0 (0:0) G: Van De Ven / P: 148 - 142 / A: 14914 ... &season=80
D: Viastore - SC Rotterdam 3:2 (3:1) G: Diniz Silva 2, Coman (P) - Kisly 2 / P: 136 - 132 / A: 8544 ... &season=80

Round 2 (Fri 02 - Sun 04 Mar):
A: MSK_Profirol - rogiboys 1:0 (1:0) G: Ofodile / P: 145 - 142 / A: 5471 ... &season=80
A: LT Athletic - U.C.SAMPDORIA 0:1 (0:1) G: Zlatkovic / P: 131 - 142 / A: 8504 ... &season=80
B: FC Rovinka - SAMPDORIA 0:1 (0:0) G: Bespalla / P: 141 - 142 / A: 7016 ... &season=80
B: Red Bull FC - Lucky Spike FC 1:2 (0:2) G: Fagan - Donev 2 / P: 142 - 147 / A: 4278 ... &season=80
C: BALKI - FC Kaima Brakonieriai 2:1 (1:1) G: Rowe (P), Agoye - A-Alla / P: 134 - 130 / A: 7200 ... &season=80
C: FCB Eruveo - El Pandos Brutos 2:3 (0:0) G: Telek, Dzwigala - Aste Perez, Degen, Gorovoi / P: 138 - 143 / A: 4207 ... &season=80
D: Noldor - Viastore 2:2 (0:2) G: Sulejmani 2 (1xP), Diniz Silva, Ferla / P: 140 - 141 / A: 12525 ... &season=80
D: SC Rotterdam - The Last Mohycan 1:4 (0:2) G: Kisly - Van De Ven 2, Farooqi 2 / P: 115 - 145 / A: 5371 ... &season=80

Round 3 (Fri 09 - Sun 11 Mar):
A: LT Athletic - MSK_Profirol 1:0 (1:0) G: Van Aerschot / P: 143 - 139 / A: 4806 ... &season=80
A: U.C.SAMPDORIA - rogiboys 2:1 (0:1) G: Nzekou, Belansky - Foser / P: 142 - 130 / A: 12395 ... &season=80
B: Red Bull FC - FC Rovinka 1:2 (0:0) G: Tõzsér - Ghrayib 2 / P: 125 - 133 / A: 5421 ... ID=9676479
B: SAMPDORIA - Lucky Spike FC 3:4 (2:3) G: Aho 2, Walczak - Horner 2, Omerbegovic, Bjarnason / P: 142 - 146 / A: 12379 ... &season=80
C: BALKI - FCB Eruveo 0:0 P: 132 - 133 / A: 9093 ... &season=80
C: El Pandos Brutos - FC Kaima Brakonieriai 4:2 (2:2) G: Mehadjri, Gorovoi, Aste Perez, Iairo (P) - Zakhour 2 / P: 145 - 128 / A: 4358 ... &season=80
D: Noldor - SC Rotterdam 4:2 (2:0) G: Sulejmani, Gaitan Sayavedra, Hanstveit, Jama - Kisly, Benneth Grant / P: 143 - 124 / A: 11756 ... &season=80
D: The Last Mohycan - Viastore 2:1 (1:0) G: Van De Ven 2 - Lopez / P: 147 - 139 / A: 11942 ... &season=80

Round 4 (Thu 15 - Sun 18 Mar):
A: MSK_Profirol - LT Athletic 2:2 (1:0) G: Babalade, Romagnoli - Valentijn, Van Aerschot / P: 141 - 138 / A: 5447 ... &season=80
A: rogiboys - U.C.SAMPDORIA 0:1 (0:0) G: Murillo / P: 140 - 148 / A: 6401 ... &season=80
B: FC Rovinka - Red Bull FC 1:2 (1:0) G: Yifter - Fagan, Iniesta / P: 139 - 144 / A: 7406 ... &season=80
B: Lucky Spike FC - SAMPDORIA 1:0 (0:0) G: Diarra / P: 142 - 130 / A: 7151 ... &season=80
C: FCB Eruveo - BALKI 0:0 P: 136 - 138 / A: 9059 ... &season=80
C: FC Kaima Brakonieriai - El Pandos Brutos 1:1 (1:1) G: A-Alla - Aste Perez / P: 140 - 145 / A: 6662 ... &season=80
D: SC Rotterdam - Noldor 0:1 (0:0) G: Hoefkens / P: 135 - 144 / A: 3239 ... &season=80
D: Viastore - The Last Mohycan 0:0 P: 139 - 144 / A: 8793 ... &season=80

Round 5 (Fri 23 - Sun 25 Mar):
A: MSK_Profirol - U.C.SAMPDORIA 1:2 (1:1) G: Ofodile - Jurko, Van Horenbeke / P: 143 - 145 / A: 6405 ... &season=80
A: LT Athletic - rogiboys 2:1 (2:0) G: Borek 2 - Foser / P: 142 - 133 / A: 6454 ... &season=80
B: FC Rovinka - Lucky Spike FC 0:1 (0:1) G: Fedje / P: 138 - 139 / A: 6390 ... &season=80
B: Red Bull FC - SAMPDORIA 0:1 (0:1) G: Bespalla / P: 133 - 144 / A: 5016 ... &season=80
C: BALKI - El Pandos Brutos 1:1 (0:0) G: Agoye - Aste Perez / P: 142 - 142 / A: 7807 ... &season=80
C: FCB Eruveo - FC Kaima Brakonieriai 2:2 (1:1) G: Horsley, Telek - A-Alla 2 / P: 133 - 140 / A: 4658 ... &season=80
D: Noldor - The Last Mohycan 0:0 P: 146 - 149 / A: 9334 ... &season=80
D: SC Rotterdam - Viastore 1:4 (0:1) G: Genchev - Atanacković 2, Diniz Silva, Ferla / P: 110 - 140 / A: 3830 ... &season=80

Round 6 (Fri 30 Mar - Sun 01 Apr):
A: rogiboys - MSK_Profirol 1:2 (1:1) G: van der Gun - O'hanlon, Kaplan / P: 135 - 139 / A: 8179 ... &season=80
A: U.C.SAMPDORIA - LT Athletic 2:0 (0:0) G: Markovic, Jurko / P: 148 - 132 / A: 10354 ... &season=80
B: SAMPDORIA - FC Rovinka 3:2 (1:1) G: Diawara 2, Daraselia - Ndong, Ghrayib / P: 143 - 140 / A: 14180 ... &season=80
B: Lucky Spike FC - Red Bull FC 1:0 (1:0) G: Omerbegovic (P) / P: 147 - 144 / A: 5526 ... &season=80
C: FC Kaima Brakonieriai - BALKI 2:2 (1:1) G: Alberto Ferreira, Godart - Vagner, Agoye / P: 132 - 133 / A: 6103 ... &season=80
C: El Pandos Brutos - FCB Eruveo 1:0 (0:0) G: Aste Perez / P: 142 - 138 / A: 3910 ... &season=80
D: Viastore - Noldor 2:3 (1:2) G: Ferla, Diniz Silva - Vanderlinden 2, Gaitan Sayavedra / P: 143 - 147 / A: 10563 ... &season=80
D: The Last Mohycan - SC Rotterdam 4:0 (2:0) G: Van De Ven 2, Farooqi, Geraerts / P: 146 - 113 / A: 11035 ... &season=80

Table standings - final:


Quarterfinal - Leg 1 & Leg 2 (Fri 06 - Sun 08 Apr):

SAMPDORIA - The Last Mohycan 1:2 (1:1) G: 31' Daraselia (P) - 9' Van De Ven, 91' Farooqi / P: 138 - 144 / A: 12135 ... &season=80
The Last Mohycan - SAMPDORIA 1:0 (1:0) G: 36' Farooqi / P: 144 - 143 / A: 14192 ... &season=80
Team The Last Mohycan (SVK) won 3:1 on aggregate and qualified to Semifinal round!

BALKI - U.C.SAMPDORIA 1:2 (0:1) G: 81' Krivokapić - 22' and 61' Belansky / P: 143 - 148 / A: 8083 ... &season=80
U.C.SAMPDORIA - BALKI 3:1 (0:0) G: 46' and 63' Jurko, 72' Van Horenbeke - 75' Krivokapić (P) / P: 140 - 114 / A: 9139 ... &season=80
Team U.C.SAMPDORIA (BUL) won 5:2 on aggregate and qualified to Semifinal round!

Noldor - Lucky Spike FC 2:1 (2:1) G: 28' Sulejmani, 43' Hoefkens - 30' Omerbegovic / P: 148 - 147 / A: 10289 ... &season=80
Lucky Spike FC - Noldor 1:1 (0:0) G: 66' Cavens - 79' Sulejmani / P: 144 - 142 / A: 5117 ... &season=80
Team Noldor (SWE) won 3:2 on aggregate and qualified to Semifinal round!

LT Athletic - El Pandos Brutos 1:1 (0:0) G: 53' Valentijn - 92' Gorovoi / P: 145 - 145 / A: 4920 ... &season=80
El Pandos Brutos - LT Athletic 0:1 (0:1) G: 43' Ibarra / P: 136 - 142 / A: 3427 ... &season=80
Team LT Athletic (LIT) won 2:1 on aggregate and qualified to Semifinal round!

Semifinal - Leg 1 & Leg 2 (Thu 12 - Sun 15 Apr):

The Last Mohycan - Noldor 1:0 (0:0) G: 71' Farooqi / P: 144 - 144 / A: 12916 ... &season=80
Noldor - The Last Mohycan 0:0 P: 144 - 146 / A: 10506 ... &season=80
Team The Last Mohycan (SVK) won 1:0 on aggregate and qualified to Final round!

LT Athletic - U.C.SAMPDORIA 2:3 (1:1) G: 3' Valentijn, 68' Felicia - 8' Basaraba, 77' Dickson, 88' Belansky / P: 145 - 149 / A: 12010 ... &season=80
U.C.SAMPDORIA - LT Athletic 0:0 P: 148 - 136 / A: 9286 ... &season=80
Team U.C.SAMPDORIA (BUL) won 3:2 on aggregate and qualified to Final round!

Final / Bronze - Leg 1 & Leg 2 (Mon 16 - Fri 20 Apr): in case of need this round can be completed until Sun 29 Apr

Noldor - LT Athletic 4:3 (0:3) G: 73' and 87' Vanderlinden, 54' Gaitan Sayavedra, 82' Sulejmani - 5' and 41' Traitor, Ibarra / P: 143 - 137 / A: 8211 ... &season=81
LT Athletic - Noldor 1:2 (0:0) G: 70' Traitor - 61' Sulejmani, 76' Vanderlinden / P: 140 - 143 / A: 7855 ... &season=81
Team Noldor (SWE) won 6:4 on aggregate and takes 3rd place of the season!

The Last Mohycan - U.C.SAMPDORIA 1:2 (1:0) G: 10' Farooqi - 64' Jurko, 80' Murillo / P: 148 - 151 / A: 9518 ... &season=80
U.C.SAMPDORIA - The Last Mohycan 1:0 (0:0) G: 75' Jurko / P: 151 - 148 / A: 12615 ... &season=80
Team U.C.SAMPDORIA (BUL) won 3:1 on aggregate and became a winner of the season!

Final rank:
1. U.C.SAMPDORIA (Bulgaria)
2. The Last Mohycan (Slovakia)
3. Noldor (Sweden)

Top scorers:
8 - Van De Ven (The Last Mohycan)

7 - Farooqi (The Last Mohycan), Sulejmani (Noldor)
6 - Belansky, Jurko (both U.C.SAMPDORIA), Aste Perez (El Pandos Brutos), Vanderlinden (Red Bull FC / Noldor)
5 - Diniz Silva (Viastore)
4 - Kisly (SC Rotterdam), Romagnoli (MSK_Profirol), A-Alla (FC Kaima Brakonieriai), Agoye (BALKI)

Re: SP Champions league - all seasons

Posted: Fri Jun 08, 2018 4:08 pm
by gregoric
Season 81 is getting into the final week, so I'll start to work on next SPCL season very soon. Will keep u posted.

Re: SP Champions league - all seasons

Posted: Mon Jun 18, 2018 5:36 pm
by gregoric
I received 16 subscriptions for 13rd season of SPCL, so we're now good to start.
We have only 2 newcomers in the competiton - Czech team Ohreblo, who will be playing A division in season 82 as well as Slovak team F:C:Svosov - which finished 3rd in C division.
All four semifinalists of last season are back in the game, some teams are returning back after a break, two of them are in historical Top 10 right now: AC Draha Prague and Primisimo FC. The most traditional team is rogiboys - they'll play already 9th season - and Belgian team will definitely try to improve their bad season last time (4th place in group stage). Exactly half of the squad comes from A division - 4 teams that finished in top 10 last season and 4 teams that finished first and second in B.
The teams are representing 8 different countries - with 4 teams playing under Czech and 4 playing under Slovak flag.

As there is no qualification round needed, the group stage will start already next weekend starting on Friday 29th June. I will publish the draw around the end of this week, as usual the country rule will be applied - so teams playing under the same flag will not play against each other in a group (this is always applicable).

The teams are seeded as follows:

POT1: U.C.SAMPDORIA (BUL), The Last Mohycan (SVK), El Pandos Brutos (NED), SAMDPORIA (BUL)
POT2: FCB Eruveo (CZE), FC Rovinka (SVK), rogiboys (BEL), Ohreblo (CZE)
POT3: LT Athletic (LIT), Noldor (SWE), MSK_Profirol (SVK), AC Draha Prague (CZE)
POT4: AC Fiorentinna (ITA), AquaAzzurri (LIT), Primisimo FC (CZE), F:C:Svosov (SVK)

Re: SP Champions league - all seasons

Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2018 10:44 pm
by gregoric

The group stage draw has been completed. Here is the overview.

GROUP A: U.C.SAMPDORIA (BUL), FCB Eruveo (CZE), MSK_Profirol (SVK), AC Fiorentinna (ITA)
Winner of last two editions and highest seeded team will be the biggest favorite of this group. U.C.SAMPDORIA plays their 6th season - their worst position was a Quarterfinal round in season 10, after that they always finished in final round. Bulgarian team holds the 3rd position in historical rank with a real chance to get even higher. Fight for the second place can be interesting - but I believe FCB Eruveo will get the second place. Czech team plays only for second time, in their premiere last season they didn't qualify to QF, but the team got tuned up and gained some experience. The other two teams will most likely fight just for 3rd place, but with some luck they could make some surprises. They both won C divisions last season.

GROUP B: The Last Mohycan (SVK), Ohreblo (CZE), Noldor (SWE), AquaAzzurri (LIT)
Very interesting group. For The Last Mohycan this is probably the last season before a team reconstruction, so they'll definitely try to get some medal. They will be fighting for the victory in group B with Noldor - although the team is seeded from 3rd pot, they're on the journey to A division, the team is very strong now. Last season these two teams met twice - in the group stage as well as in the Semifinal round. Last season, Slovak team was more successful, but this season Noldor has a solid change for a revenge. Ohreblo, seeded from the second pot, will be trying to get some surprise, but it's a very difficult group for them. Czech team is one of the two teams playing their very first SPCL season, they've also qualified to A division - so it will be definitely a very interesting season for them. But most likely they'll end up in a group stage. AquaAzzurri is returning back to the competition after some break - the team's max is 4th place in the very first season, in their last appearance they finished in QF in season 10. Their chance to repeat QF this season is very small.

GROUP C: SAMPDORIA (BUL), FC Rovinka (SVK), LT Athletic (LIT), Primisimo FC (CZE)
This seems to be the most equal group. Two teams from A division and one team that was close to get to A (LT Athletic finished 3rd in B division). My team will do the max to take the first place - we also played against SAMPDORIA in last season's group stage. Bulgarian team was successful, they qualified into QF while FC Rovinka finished 4th in the group. Now the situation looks different. Lithuanian team made it to the Semifinal last season and they have a real chance to finished on first two positions. Any detail can change the picture in this group. Even Primisimo FC is not an easy team - they were just promoted to B division. The history of Czech team in SPCL is very good - currently holding 7th place in the historical rank, Primisimo FC got 3 medals in 5 previous appearances. They're still waiting for gold - and this will probably not change this season.

GROUP D: El Pandos Brutos (NED), rogiboys (BEL), AC Draha Prague (CZE), F:C:Svosov (SVK)
Here it's also difficult to predict the situation. Dutch team will most likely get the first place, but it will be a dramatic fight against rogiboys as well as AC Draha Prague. Belgian team is back in A division, the manager is very experienced and the team has a very rich history in SPCL. rogiboys are playing their 9th season - only FC Remedy played more (11). After seasons of reconstructions, AC Draha Prague is on a way back to A. They have a solid team, but they might still need to gain a bit more experience - and as well they have quite an agressive team. This time their max will probably be 3rd place in the group. Last but not least, F:C:Svosov will get their first appearance in SPCL! Although it's the lowest seeded team and the only team playing C division in upcoming season, they were very close to a promotion. Slovak team stayed just one point behind the second place in C.6 - they also played against AC Draha in last season's division games and it was an equal fight - both teams won their home games.

Re: SP Champions league - all seasons

Posted: Sun Jul 01, 2018 10:33 pm
by gregoric
Round 1 completed - see updated main post on page 1 (as usual).

As expected, U.C.SAMPDORIA and The Last Mohycan shown the highest performances (147 and 146) and they started the season with victories. The best away performance was played by Noldor (145), but they only got one point at the stadium of Ohreblo. Czech team played their very first game in SPCL and they can be happy with the goal-less draw, because Noldor played +8.

El Pandos Brutos also confirmed the expectation, they started with a 5:3 victory against the other novice in the tournament - F:C:Svosov. In the other game of group D, AC Draha Prague took an important win 2:0 at rogiboys. Belgian team is not in their best form at the beginning of the season.

The only team from POT1 without a victory in opening game is SAMPDORIA - they started with a bit lucky draw 1:1 against FC Rovinka (138 - 142).

Re: SP Champions league - all seasons

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2018 9:55 pm
by gregoric
Round 2 completed, here is the summary.

U.C.SAMPDORIA took an important 2:1 win at the stadium of AC Fiorentinna and with 6 points they're leading the group. It was a well deserved victory for Bulgarians, they played 149! In the other game, FCB Eruveo won 1:0 against MSK_Profirol. Czech team has now 3 points - the same as Fiorentinna. These two teams will play against each other in upcoming two rounds - so these will bring more clarity on the fight for play-offs. The performance of both teams in first two games were quite similar - and not very high (below 140). FCB Eruveo can definitely play way better - and they will need to improve in next games.

In the best game of this round, Noldor took a victory against The Last Mohycan (2:1)! Homeside played 149 - that was 6 points higher than Slovak team. Noldor is now leading the group with 4 poins. The Last Mohycan is one point behind - same as AquaAzzurri. Lithuanians won 3:2 against Ohreblo. For Ohreblo this is a complicated start of the season, in the opening games they only got a point - and in next two games the team will be facing The Last Mohycan. Let's see if they will prepare any surprise.

Group C is quite dramatic so far. Three out of four games ended with a draw. Surprisingly, LT Athletic is now on top of the table with 4 points, after an important away victory 3:2 at FC Rovinka. The other game between Primisimo FC and SAMPDORIA ended without goals - so these teams are now sharing the second place with 2 points. My team sits at the bottom of the table - I don't want to excuse myself here, but it's a bit unfortunate, as FC Rovinka's average performance is highest in this group (142).

Winners of the opening games played against each other - and El Pandos Brutos confirmed the role of favorite here. Dutch team won 3:2 away at AC Draha Prague - and with 6 points it's on top of the group. AC Draha Prague and rogiboys are 3 points behind, but Czech team looks to be in a better position to go into play-offs.

Re: SP Champions league - all seasons

Posted: Tue Jul 17, 2018 9:55 am
by gregoric
Round 3 completed - see all results & statistics in the first page of the topic. Here is the summary.

U.C.SAMPDORIA continues their perfect journey. With the performance 149 (second time in row), they won 3:2 against MSK_Profirol. Playing 141 away, Slovak team was leading 2:1 after the first half, but they were not able to defend it in the second half - so half-way through the group stage, they are still waiting for the first points in this season. As I wrote last time, it seems the fight for the second place will be between FCB Eruveo and AC Fiorentinna. Czech team did a very important step over the weekend - after playing their best game this season (144), they brought 3 points from Italy. And if they win home next weekend, they'll be very close to the Quarterfinals!

The two favorites of this group were clear, but it was (and still is) hard to predict who will win this group. Currently Noldor still holds the leading position, just one point ahead of The Last Mohycan. Both teams won their games over the weekend. Noldor won 2:1 against AquaAzzurri, playing 148. The Last Mohycan brough three points from Ohreblo's stadium after winning 3:1 - thanks to Farooqi's hattrick. With 5 goals in total, Mohycan's striker is now leading the Top scorer's rank. Czech team doesn't have a good season so far, in A division they're in a relegation zone, in SPCL they only get 1 point so far - and holding the last position. AquaAzzurri is still in game for Quarterfinals, but they need a victory next weekend against Noldor - which will be a very difficult task for Lithuanians.

This is the most dramatic group, where the order has completely changed after the weekend - and where the difference between first and last team is just 3 points. SAMPDORIA won against LT Athletic 1:0 (145 - 135) and replace Lithuanian team on the leading position. My team (FC Rovinka) finally got their first victory - 2:1 against Primisimo FC. Czech team played their worst game this season (128) and lost for the first time. With two draws, they're still waiting for the first victory. Although the difference in performances in this round were quite high in both games (10 and 12), next round can easily bring opposite results and shuffle the table again.

El Pandos Brutos is the second team with three victories in the first half of the group stage. With 12 goals scored (avg 4 / game) they're also a top scoring team so far. Last weekend they won in the benelux derby against rogiboys. Originally I expected Belgian team will be fighting for Quarterfinals, but the team is starting a reconstruction and they are playing just around (and rather below) 130 at this moment. And that's a good news for AC Draha Prague - the young team is now on its way to upper divisions - and as well into a Quarterfinal round in this season of SPCL. In last round Draha won at F:C:Svosov - if they confirm that victory at home next week, they'll be practically in the top 8.

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Posted: Mon Jul 23, 2018 4:04 pm
by gregoric
Round 4 completed - you can find all details on the usual place. Last weekend brought some surprises as well as confirmation on first two quarterfinalists - Noldor and El Pandos Brutos. What happened in each group?

Both games ended with draws, so table stayed unchanged. U.C.SAMPDORIA is still leading the table 3 points ahead of FCB Eruveo and 6 points ahead of AC Fiorentinna. Italian team played a bit lucky draw 1:1 away at FCB Eruveo (Czech team played 144 - that's 4 points higher than their opponent) - and thanks to position get confirmed. MSK_Profil get their first point in the season - and that was not expected at all, as they were hosted the biggest favorite of the competition. Thanks to this point, Slovak team still keeps at least a theoretical chance for the second place. Most likely the real fight will be between FCB Eruveo and AC Fiorentinna only. Next weekend can make this group even more unclear - FCB plays against U.C.SAMPDORIA, if they lose, they can lose their advantage on AC Fiorentinna. It seems this group will get sorted out in the last round.

Both Noldor & The Last Mohycan won again and round by round they're increasing their advantage on leading positions. As I wrote, Noldor is already in QF - but The Last Mohycan is just one point behind, so the fight for the first place will be open till the last round, where Slovak team will host Noldor. AquaAzzurri is now 6 points behind and almost out of the game. If they want to keep their quarterfinals chances alive, they'll need a higher victory against Mohycan in next round, because Slovaks won their first game 2:0. Looking at the performances so far, this seems to be quite a sci-fi, but in this game things are never 100 percent clear.

As I wrote last time, the standings in group C are being shuffled every round. After four rounds, all 4 teams have theoretical chance to win the group - the difference between first and last team is just 5 points. My team FC Rovinka won a very important away game at Primisimo FC 1:0 (142 - 140), and took over the leading position. That's because the other game between LT Athletic and SAMPDORIA finished 0:0. With this draw, SAMPDORIA lost the leading position, but they can be even happy to get that point, because Lithuanians played 2 points better. Interesting games are scheduled for next round. Two leading teams are playing against each other, FC Rovinka is just a point ahead of Bulgarian team. In the other game Primisimo FC plays their survival game against LT Athletic. As I wrote, each team can still get into Quarterfinals, so we can expect another set of dramatic games here.

El Pandos Brutos is the second quarterfinalists - and they're very close to confirm a group victory. Dutch team is the only team with 4 wins in 4 games and impressive attacking power - scoring 17 goals so far! In last round they scored 5 goals against rogiboys after showing the best performance of this round (147). AC Draha Prague could get very close to Quarterfinals, but they lost home against F:C:Svosov. This was a very surprising defeat after their lowest performance this season (123) - impacted by two red cards. Slovak teams got their historical first SPCL points (and victory) - and they keep the chances open. AC Draha Prague still keeps second place with 6 points, but they need to avoid similar failures in next rounds.

Leading scorer after four rounds is Imran Farooqi (The Last Mohycan) - he already scored 7 goals! Last season's max was 8 goals, four previous seasons 9 goals - so if Imran keeps his current form in remaining games, he can even attack the historical max (12 goals per season scored by Wellweak's striker Terje Strand in 7th season).

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Posted: Sun Jul 29, 2018 10:01 pm
by gregoric
Round 5 completed.
Six out of 8 quarterfinal spots are now confirmed. Next weekend will finalize the fights for the remaining two spots, and it will also bring a clarity on a winner of group B (winners of other 3 groups are already known). So, this is what last weekend brought - and how the situation looks before the final round of group stage.

The game between top two teams brought 9 goals! U.C.SAMPDORIA won 5:4 at FCB Eruveo and became a winner of group A. Despite the defeat, FCB Eruveo is close to QF - before the last game they're 3 points ahead of the remaining two teams. They got some help from MSK_Profirol, Slovak team brought 3 points from the stadium of AC Fiorentinna. With this result, Italian team is out of the game - in the theory we could have three teams with 7 points after last round, but in this case FCB Eruveo would finish second (they already have 7 points in the minitable of these three teams). MSK_Profirol took 4 points in last two games and with that they suddenly got into a fight for QF. Next weekend they host FCB Eruveo - Slovak team can eliminate their opponent, however they would need a victory with at least 2 goals difference (in case 1:0 win, FCB Eruveo would qualify thanks to more goals scored in total). The performance of both teams are quite equal so far, so I also expect a bit equal game - MSK_Profirol might win, but probably not higher than by 1 goal.

As expected, both leading teams won their last games, so it's clear that both Noldor and The Last Mohycan will continue to Quarterfinals, last round will decide who will be drawn from the first pot. The Last Mohycan will host Noldor in the last game of this group - Slovak team is one point behind, so they need to get a victory. This might be one of the top games of this season so far. It's very difficult to predict this game, I would probably bet on draw :)
Ohreblo is now the only team without a single victory this season - so next weekend they can at least fight for the win, which would move them up to 3rd place - but based on the recent performances it seems that AquaAzzurri will keep the position.

After playing my best performance in this SPCL season (145), FC Rovinka won 2:1 against SAMPDORIA - and with these very important 3 points my team became a winner of this group. After two rounds, FC Rovinka was holding last position with just 1 point, but three victories in the row turned the table around. The second QF spot in this group is not confirmed - but not just that, all three teams have a very real chance to get it. Thanks to a 3:2 victory of Primisimo FC in the game against LT Athletic, the difference between 2. and 4. place is just one point! SAMPDORIA still holds the second position with 6 points, the other two teams have 5 points. In last round, SAMPDORIA hosts Primisimo FC. Winner of this game will definitely go to Quarterfinals, but a draw would open a door for LT Athletic - in case they beat FC Rovinka.

El Pandos Brutos lost their first two points after an unlucky draw (3:3) at F:C:Svosov. Dutch team played 16 points higher lineratings, but it wasn't enough. They had a chance for a winning goal, but in the end of the game, the team missed a penalty. Thanks to that one point, the team already confirmed a group victory. AC Draha Prague won 3:1 against rogiboys and they will finish second. rogiboys moved now to the bottom of the table, one point behind their opponent in last round - F:C:Svosov. So Belgian team can still get at least 3rd place, but looking at their performances and situation with the squad, this is not very realistic.

I'll need to do a QF draw before the weekend - I'll be travelling next weekend, so I might not be able to give an udpate on time. So you will get the draw around Thursday/Friday this week - please check the results of your potential opponents over the weekend and setup the QF games.
I'll try to put at least some minimal info using my mobile, so don't expect long texts here :)

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Posted: Thu Aug 02, 2018 8:59 pm
by gregoric
As written earlier, I had to do the play-off draw earlier this time as I might not get a chance to update it after the weekend. So although some positions are not clear at this point, I will update those few missing spots after the weekend.

This will be a big clash of two top teams! The second team in Group B will be either Noldor (SWE) or The Last Mohycan (SVK). These two teams play against each other on Saturday at 10am - Noldor needs at least a draw to keep the first position and avoid U.C.SAMPDORIA already in QF round. The Last Mohycan is one point behind, but playing home in the key game. No clear favorite in this battle in any case.

QF2: C2 - El Pandos Brutos (NED)
Dutch team is waiting for the opponent - and there are still three open option. It can be either SAMPDORIA (BUL), Primisimo FC (CZE) or LT Athletic (LIT). This will be probably another dramatic QF fight. In case El Pandos Brutos avoid SAMPDORIA, they will be a small favorite of this game, otherwise SAMPDORIA would have quite a solid chance to get through.

QF3: AC Draha Prague (CZE) - FC Rovinka (SVK)
Czechoslovak derby - and a very interesting game. Winner of the 8th season is getting back to a top positions - I didn't expect AC Draha will qualify to the QF round this season, but they're in - and for sure they will be fighting to get through my team. Looking at the performance, my team is a favorite here, but I'll need to play my best here.

QF3: A2 - B1
The second place in group A can go to FCB Eruveo (CZE) or MSK_Profirol (SVK), but most likely this will be FCB Eruveo. And they'll play against Noldor or The Last Mohycan. So in any of the possible combination, the winner of B will be a favorite of this game. It looks like this QF will have the clearest favorite, but FCB is doing quite well so far - their maximum is 144. So if they play their best, they can bring some surprise here.