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Translation Dutch FAQ (extended version)

Post by silverblast » Fri Jul 06, 2007 2:38 pm

This will be the translation of the Dutch FAQ, which is quite bigger than the English one. :wink:

This content will later be added to the FAQ topic

Part 2: The FAQ

Hint: If you want to search fast for your question(s), you can use Ctrl+F to search for keywords.

(Youth) Players

I have a really good player, but he performs badly. How is this possible?
Check the following:
- If it's a field player: is his age between 20 and 30? Otherwise he will perform as a youth or senior player.
(For keepers the normal performance goes from 23 to 33 years old)
- Is his fitness alright? Don't let your player play all the time, give him some rest if his fitness is under 85%. If not, he will perform worse and have a higher chance ratio of getting injured.
- Is the player actually on his favourite position? Only the exact position will result in the best performance. (Note: 4-4-2 formation uses two CF's!!!)
- Is his moral okay? Let the player play some more if he doesn't have a moral higher than 85%. You will notice that your player will have one procent less global rating if his moral goes under 85%. This is because moral HAS an influence on the global rating! (15% moral = 1% global rating)

What does GK, CB, ... mean?
GK = keeper, LB = left defender, CB = centre defender, RB = right defender, SW = sweeper (used in a 5 man defense in the center), LM = left midfielder, CM = centre midfielder, RM = right midfielder, LF = left forward, CF = centre forward, RF = right forward

Now, what's more important: moral or fitness?
Let's begin with the simple answer: moral is more important.
Now the explanation: Suppose you have two players:
Player A ~ Moral = 100%, Fitness = 85%
Player B ~ Moral = 85%, Fitness = 100%

I can tell you that the direct influence of moral and fitness on the performance is the same. BUT moral, unlike fitness, also has a direct influence on the global rating. (Fitness doesn't!!!) And of course the global rating has a direct influence on the performance.
This means moral has a double influence on the performance, and fitness doesn't.
For this reason, you should always pick player A, unless you really want to avoid any injuries, but that's a manager's choice. :wink:

What's a hidden skill? What does it do? Where can I see it?
Well it's hidden so you can't immediately see. But thanks to the calculations of SPMT, who have discovered this great SoccerProject secret, we now CAN see the hidden skill with a useful tool: SPMT.
(see all info on
The hidden skill can not be trained, cannot be seen without the tool and has a direct influence on the global rating equal to the two headskills.
What is the use of this hidden skill then?
Well, just like the headskills, a good hidden skill may be a sign that this player will grow out to be very good, because the best players of SP have high headskills and a high hidden skill... BUT THIS IS NOT GUARANTEED. :wink:

Ho ho ho what's a headskill?
The headskills are the two fat buddies when you take a look at the detailed player overview. (for instance, the keeper headskills are Play along and Reflex) These skills are very important because they count double.
A normal skill will influence the global rating like this:
15% normal skill = 1% global rating
A headskill (just like the hidden skill) will influence it like this:
15% headskill = 2% global rating
(or 7.5% headskill = 1% global rating)

So you see, if you train your players on their headskills, they will grow twice as fast!!!
If you have a player with very good headskills, you could see this as a player with 4 very good skills! :wink:
That's why you could say: The price of a youth player rises with it's headskills... :)

Now I'm looking at my player overview... what are those 5 numbers next to his 'form'?
Those are his performances from the last 5 games he's played. That's why new players don't show any numbers there. :wink:
The performance of a player influence your line ratings, and the line ratings influence the outcome of a match.
So the higher the performances of your players are, the higher your chance of winning the match is. :wink:

Do yellow and red cards remain when the new season comes?
In the league: No, all cards fade away. :)
In the SoccerProject CUP: Yes, all suspensions remain.

How do I rise the experience of a player?
Play 16 friendly games for 1% experience
Playe 8 friendly cup games for 1% experience
Play 4 league or cup games for 1% experience

=> 15% experience = 1% global rating

What does influence the Global Rating of my player?
The normal skills have a rather small influence on the Global Rating of your player. These skills are:
- Moral
- Experience
- 7 normal skills (of which stamina, speed, ballcontrol, and the next 4 in the player's overview)
==> 15% of these skills represent 1% global rating.
The 2 main skills (the bold skills below in the player's overview) have the double of the normal influence. For every 7.5% the skill grows, 1% will be added to the global rating.
Keep in mind that the 7 normal skills can be maxed at a percentage lower than 100%. This doesn't count for moral and experience which can both be 100% at max.

Skills that do NOT influence the Global rating are:
- Fitness
- Agression

Now what's so special about players from the youth centre?
Youth players from a youth centre with a youth coordinator of 100% have a very good chance to reach a high global rating. Of course, this isn't a certainty, but experienced managers say that every youth player reaches the 75% with full experience. Though, in theory a player would be 62% in the worst case.

What does GR, BP, HS and MS mean?
GR = Global Rating
BP = Best Performance
HS = Hidden Skill
MS = Main Skill

Is it better to have a low or a high agression? And does it have an influence of the performance of a player?
Agression has no influence at all, at the performance of a player. It only has an influence on the number of cards he receives. Of course, even a very agressive player can be kept under the limit when you decide to choose a low agression for your team. So it's important to take a look at the strictness of the referee. If you want to play agressive, it's better to have players with a low agression.


Which advertising boards are the best?

Everyone has an own opinion about this, but it’s already pretty profitable if you just accept panels for less than 10 days. That way, you don’t have to wait for a long time to place new boards. The value and the duration of the boards changes every day, so if there aren’t good offers, just wait and take a look every day. By the way, the duration of the boards is real-time, 5 days are 5 days Wink

Which ticket price should I offer?

This all depends on the capacity of your stadium, the fan satisfaction, your ranking, the ranking of your opponent, weather conditions, the type of game (competition, cup, friendly, friendly cup) and last but not least, your fan base.
The best thing you can do is to start with a price of about 10-12 and then you can see if you have to in-decrease the price. Look at Team->economy->accounting to see which is the most lucrative price.

How can I place multiple advertising boards at the same time?

By increasing the capacity of your stadium. You can place 1 extra board for every 1.000 seats you build if your capacity is less than 10.000. Is your capacity over 10.000, you can place 1 extra board for every 2.000 seats.


Can I give walkover by myself?

No, you can’t. There will only be a walkover when you don’t have enough players (less then 7) or when the condition of your field is to low (±20% or lower).

Which is the best formation?

This depends on the available players you have. With 2 excellent CM’s and a good backup, the best thing you can do is to play with 4 midfielders. You can always ask something or ask for a mentor in thistopic

My players take too many cards, why?

Mostly, the reason is obvious. Take a look at the strictness of the referee before every game. Add up the team aggression and the strictness of the referee. If the sum is larger than 100%, you probably get many cards. If this isn’t the reason, take a look at the players. Chances are high that they have a high personal aggression.
The solution: play less aggressive.

How do I raise my teamspirit?

By avoiding transfers and by playing a lot of games. For exact ciphers, look at part 1 of this FAQ.

Friendly cups and games

All right, I organised a cup and invited the players. What next?

Nothing! SoccerProject will, if enough players have accepted their invitation, make a scheme by itself, make groups and plan the games.


To which division I’ll go up/degrade?

You can calculate it yourself:

N° 13 and 14 to (current division *3) – 2 , example: C.3 ->D7
N° 12 and 15 to (current division *3) – 2 , example: C.3 ->D8
N° 11 and 16 to (current division *3) – 2 , example: C.3 ->D9

N°1 and 2 to (current division)/3 and wind up.
Example: C.4->B2

What do the colours in the ranking mean?

De 2 upper teams, green, are the clubs who’ll go up. The teams that are green at the end of the season will go up to a higher division.
The next 8 teams are in white, they stay in the same division for the next season.
The lower 6 teams are in red, they’ll degrade to a lower division.


The skills of my players sometimes decrease and increase, is that normal?

Yes, it is. A skill that isn’t being trained will decrease, when it happens you just train that skill and it will increase again. Active members will have better players that way.

On the player ratings page (Team->Players->Ratings), what’s the legend?

White = this skill isn’t being trained
Green = this skill is being trained and not maxed
Red = this skill is maxed

Financial (everything concerning money)

What does “K” and “M” stand for?

“K” stands for 1.000 and “M” stands for million.

How many debts am I allowed to have? What happens next?

You can go 2M in red. If this lasts longer than a week, your team will be removed. So don’t make this happen!

How can I earn more money?

Check every day if there aren’t any beneficial advertising boards. So take care of increasing your stadium capacity. If you have many more fans than there’re seats, build some extra.
You can also try to earn some money by buying and selling players. But if you’re worried about the results of the team, don’t buy and sell to many on a short term because with a low teamspirit it’s difficult to win.
I your team goes up, you’ll get more valuable advertising boards, more television income, etc. Therefore, on long term, going up could be an excellent way to earn more money.

Is it benefical to lend?

Be aware, it could be an advantage if you really want a player, but you’ll have to cede a percentage from your budget for a chosen period. So if you’re having difficulties with your income, it’s better not to lend.

Transfers and transfermarket

I have put my player for too little money on the tranferlist and there’s already an offer, what should I do?

Nothing but for hoping you can still get a reasonable price for him. Next time, be careful and count the zeros before clicking OK Wink


What is SPFA en SPMT?

SPFA = SoccerProject Football Association
Managers who financially support SP, become for a certain period of time a member of the SPFA and get some extra features. By supporting SP, a team won’t play better, so non-SPFA-members won’t be disadvantaged.
Some extra features:
1. Banners
2. Statistics
3. The organisation of friendly cups with more than 4 teams
4. Nicknames
5. A SPFA-number and trophies
6. Vacations
7. E-Match reports
8. Favorites
9. You can participate in more friendly cups
10. Default tactical settings
11. Jersey numbers
12. Press announcements
13. Guestbook

SPMT = SoccerProject Management Tool
The intention of this tool, is to relieve your work as a manager. This tool will save the statistics of your team every time you log on. After a while you can get a good view on the evolution of your players, you can calculate the ideal contract, evaluate the stadium capacity, calculate the hidden skills…
You can download it here:

What should I do if I’m being banned? Can I make an objection against my ban? Can I still get my team back?

The best thing to do if your being banned, is to answer the e-mail you’ve got from us. In case you haven’t received a mail, you can send one to , they’ll answer asap. Beware: it’s possible someone tried to hack your account. In that case, wait 5-10 minutes, then, try again to log in. If you’re still banned, you can send an e-mail.

Can I see the weather forecast?

No, there’s no staff member for this. In other words, SP hasn’t got a weather forecast.


More translations soon to come.
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Post by silverblast » Fri Jul 06, 2007 2:42 pm

Visje, I'll add your part soon. Gotta run now. :wink:

I'm still looking for

- People who speak English very well to have a look at my texts. I'm no expert. Please feel free to correct any mistakes found!!!

-Translators. It's a pretty big text, so people who have some spare time can always translate a part and put it here. Thanks in advance! :)
(Please don't if you barely speak English. I'd appreciate the enthousiasm but it would only give me more work. :wink: )
The Arbiters - F.73

Previously: Olimpia Piraeus - H.171

A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools - D. Adams, 2009.

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Post by rood » Sun Jul 08, 2007 2:00 pm

Good job silver!
Can’t wait for the tactics part.
How is it going with your exams?
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