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Re: Division G

Post by dammidamangiare » Thu Mar 06, 2014 10:22 pm

jayantnk wrote:
remedy73 wrote: Tracking your old team is very difficult. You need to know at least the names of some opponents that are still alive. In their history you can look at their opponents, and so you can probably find your old team. Otherwise you need to check all the 50k+ team, and that is a real big task... :roll:
Hmmn, I will take a pass and hope to stumble upon any opponent in future. :D

Edit: I was a translator then... will it help.? :D
it's hard, but if you could remember with aproximation the number of a league in which you finished as champion (of course if you ever did that, cause it could be that you got your promotions from 2nd place) you could track down your team. for example: let's say you remember that you were champion in F and that you seem to remember that you were in F 30 or somewhere around that number, maybe f31 or f 32, then you can check into the history of some of the F leagues around that number in the seasons in which you remember being champ and maybe find your team. that would be the easiest way besides the one suggested by remedy, but i suppose it's hard to remember what number of a specific division you were so much time ago..

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Re: Division G

Post by Taufiq » Sat Oct 11, 2014 9:25 am

Well, this is how I found my old team:

I remembered that my old team had began its life in H.1426 (when it's founded, not when I took it over, although that's where I picked it as well. An old signature I found when I got back here to this forum kinda helped me). From the division A all the way until H.1425 we have (1+3+9+27+81+243+729+1425)*16=40288 teams. So my team ID (that is, the number after the character "=" in the team overview URL [http://www.soccerproject.com/spnewl_tea ... ?tid={team ID}]) is probably somewhere between 40289 and 40304. Found it at 40292. It hasn't been taken by another human since I left it.

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