National Team - Italy

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National Team - Italy

Post by sergiu007 » Sat Jun 07, 2008 8:04 pm

Hello everybody !!! I don't know how many of you knows english but I want to announce you about the National Teams - a project started by Ze da Silva and who is now in a full of succes !!! I am a manager who sustain directly this project and who knows maybe in future this feature will be implemented in SP (nobody knows)

We want to atract more managers to this project and to sustain also your community (Italy) for National Teams.

I will make a call at your adress to sustain this project. For first all of you can visit and to look what is our project about. Next step will be for moderators of this part of forum and they will have to create a new topic for registration of all members who want to participate for the National Manager. This topic with registration can be stoped after a period of 2 or 3 days and next they will have to make a questionary and czech's managers will have to vote the National Manager for Italy. Also is needed a counsellor !!! The counsellor will join others counsellors from other communities and they will have to apply rules, to decide a contract for a manager, etc. The group of counsellors is like sheriffs in real SP. In this case the moderators can make the similar process like for National Managers.

All I want to told I told you so now it's at the moderators choise to join us and to sustain our project. We hope to be interested in this project and to be a part of him.

For all type of questions you can send me a PM or to Ze da Silva. Thanks for the attention.
Mai bine sa taci si sa te creada lumea prost decat sa vorbesti si sa dovedesti ca esti !!!

SP National Teams


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