Big Interview Sjarel

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Big Interview Sjarel

Post by sljivovica » Fri Dec 21, 2007 7:59 pm

(please people, translate into your own language :D )

We had the idea of making a big interview with Sjarel for the Newsletter.
For those who don't know Sjarel yet:
Sjarel is one of the creators and the main guy behind SoccerProject.

We want to give all of you the opportunity to ask questions, and the newsletter will pull a nice selection from it for the interview.
When the interview is done, you can read it in the newsletter.

You can ask anything. About SoccerProject, about Sjarel, the past, the future, whatever you like.
However, the newsletter will choose which questions will go to Sjarel. Of course we want the best interview we can get, so you guys are vital to that!
Of course Sjarel also has a big voice in it, clearly he can choose not to answer any question he doesn't like.

Please send your questions (in english please!) to Isis, Badbuffalo or to me, using a Personal Message. We set the deadline on december 31st, 12 o'clock. A nice deadline :P

Please try to not ask your questions to Sjarel on the forum, as it may spoil the surprise.
If you don't know english, please have a forummer translate/send it for you.

Thank you guys!

For the Newsletter, Sliv
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