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!! Intrebari frecvente(FAQ)- CITITI INAINTE SA INTREBATI !!

Posted: Fri Nov 11, 2005 9:29 am
by cretzu
FAQ Soccerproject

Note: if you don’t find the solution to your answer in these FAQ’s, you should read the rules on And if you still don’t have the answer, you can ask it here on the forum.

Subjects in the FAQ:
Players and Transfers
Youth Centre
Games and ratings
Individual orders
Promotion and relegation

§ Teamspirit
- League and cup games (+2% for a win, +1% for a draw or loss)
- Friendly Cup games (always +1%)
- Friendly games (+0.75% for a win, +0.5% for a loss or a draw)

- Transfers (paying + free) (-5%)
- If the field quality is less than 60% you lose a certain amount of TS.
- Simulation of the new season: -10% of current TS

doesn’t change
- when receiving a new youth player
- when sacking a player or a staff-member.

§ Players and transfers
The position of a player is the position he prefers. At this position he will perform at his best. On other positions his performance will be less good. This decrease depends on the position, the further he is away of his normal position, the lower his performance will be.
SW: this stands for sweeper. He will only perform at his best when he plays in a defence with 5 defenders, in this order: LB-CB-SW-CB-RB. You can also put him on a CB-position, but then he will perform 5-6 points worse.
The performance of the players depends on their age. A player of 17-years won’t perform as good as a player of 25. Field players will perform at their best when they are 20-30 years. For goalkeepers, this age is a bit higher: 23-33 years.
Injuries can occur during games, but also during the training. The chance of getting an injury depends on how good you fysio is, the fitness of your players and a special (invisible) skill: ‘injury-sensivity’. About the fysio: the higher is rating is, the less chance your players have on an injury. The number of days an injury lasts is just an esimation of your doctor. A doctor of 100% will have a better estimation than a doctor of 50% , BUT there stil is a chance that he is wrong. This could be negative (the player is longer injured), but also positive (he will be healed earlier than estimated).
Skills: player can train their skills untill it’s red. Than they reached their maximum and we will not evolve anymore at that skill. The maximum number of players you can have is 45. Only 1 exception on this: you can still receive youth players, no matter how many players you have. Nevertheless, if you have 35 players, you can not buy any players. So to reach those 45, you need 34 players and a scout of 100%. With that 100%-scout you can place bids on 11 players at once. So if they all sign for your team, you have 45 players.
Transfers: Within a period of 2 seasons, you can only buy 1 player of the same team. Unless you are a SPFA-member. (more info: Manager – SPFA – What is?) Then you can buy 3 players of the same team in that 2-season period. For selling players to 1 and the same team, you have to put yourself in place of the buyer. So if he has SPFA, you can sell 3 players to him. If not, only 1.

§ Youth centre
There are 3 different types of youth centers: simple, professional and hyper modern. The period between 2 youth players depends on the type of youth centre you have. Respectively, every 60, 30 or 20 days you receive a message concerning your youth player.
A club starts without a youth centre and while building a simple youth centre no youth players will be trained. After finishing this construction, the first training courses take off. You may expect a first youth player within 20 days, if he's good enough he will join your club. Meanwhile it is possible to start building improvements, this will not hamper ongoing courses.
Each time a youth player is promoted, a new period begins. The length of this period depends on the current youth centre a club possesses. For example if a club has a professional youth centre, the period will be approximately 30 days.
Finishing the construction of an improved youth centre does not change this period. Only when a youth player is promoted, a new period is started and a team will benefit from its enhanced infrastructure. Players promoted from a youth centre will have the same nationality as their manager.
The level of your youth player depends on your youth coordinator. The better he is, the more chance you will have that youth player will reach a high global rating. No matter if you reached the maximum number of players (45), you still can receive youth players.

§ Training
You can choose between an automatic training (decided by your coach) and your own training schedule. With automatical training, the quality of the schedule depends on how good your coach is. In optimal circumstances, the main skills (skills in bold) are trained first and when they’re maxed he trains the lowest skill. So you have to update this frequently so that he changes to another skill. The speed of the training also depends on the skill of your coach. A coach of 100% lets your player’s skill increase 2% each training. But because of the numbers behind the comma, which we as managers can’t see, it could be that a player only increases by 1%. Something else that influences the training speed is the age of a player. Players between 20 and 30 train faster than players under 20 or above 30 years. Players train every simulation, no matter if they played a game or not.

§ Games and ratings
Playing games has a negative influence on the players’ fitness, but a positive influence on th player’s morale (+5%). Players that play a game with a low fitness, have a higher chance to get injured. And he high moral means a better performance of the player. The ratings a team gets during the game (defence, midfield and attack) are based on the players’ performance, teamspirit, agression and the tactic you choose. The individual performance on the other side is based on the player’s skills, his fitness, his agression and the individual order. The agression you select for a game only has an influence on the number of cards you receive and the line ratings. It has nothing to do with the chance of getting an injury or injure your opponent.

About friendly games:

• Red cards received in a friendly don’t count for suspensions. Same for friendly cups.
• Once you’ve subscribed for a friendly cup, it’s impossible to cancel it. Only the organiser of the friendly cup can decide to cancel the cup.
• Everybody can subscribe in 5 friendly cups, but SPFA-members can participate in 9 at the same time.

Distribution of the prize money for friendly cups:
1st: 50%
2nd: 25%
3rd and 4th: 12.5%
(the sum of the subscription fee, is the money that will be divided)

§ Stadium
The stadium is important for every club. It’s not just to give your team a place to play their games, also your fans have to feel comfortable and support the team. If you win a lot, your fanbase will grow. So it’s necessary to expand your stadium regularly. By doing this it’s very important to mind the percentages between the number of seats and the other stuff like toilets, parking, ... This percentages are close to this:
- Parking: 35-40% of the number of seats
- Toilets: 1-1.5%
- Bars: +/- 0.5%

The field is very important concerning your teamspirit and the performance. When you have a low-quality field, it could be that you lose TS, get a fee, or lose by forfait.
A very big source of revenue in your stadium are the boardings. Each sponsor gives you an offer for a certain period and amount of money. This changes every day. So it’s important to have patience and wait for the big offer. Below 10,000 seats: for every 1,000 seats, you get 1 boarding. The only exception is when you have 4,000 seats, then you have 5 boardings. Once you’re over 10,000 seats, you get 1 boarding for every 2,000 seats.

§ Individual orders
You can find the individual orders in your tactics. It’s not necessary to use them every game. They only give an addition (flexibility) to your way of playing. This makes it more difficult for your opponent to predict your tactic. So it’s very important to understand this feature very well.

The rules define them this way:
Individual orders : There are 2 types of individual directions you can give to your players, both are explained below.
• Offensive/defensive
o A players' contribution is shifted towards another line. In other words : a defender put 'offensive' will contribute a little to midfield but will contribute less to defence.
• Real individual orders: These work best for players with particular skills. For each order the influence of some skills is enhanced, and the influence of others is lowered.
o Play along : Goalkeeper
 + : Play along, speed
 - : Reflex, courage
o Play along wing : Left and right midfielder, left and right back
 + : Passing, Speed
 - : Strength, heading
o Free role : All forwards
 + : Insight
 - : Tackling
o Targetman : Centre forward
 + : Strength, Heading
 - : Shooting, Tackling
o Own chance : All forwards
 + : Shooting, Tackling
 - : Heading, Passing
o Play it out : All defenders
 + : Passing
 - : Tackling
o Passing : All midfielders
 + : Passing, playmaking
 - : Heading, shooting

As said in the rules, there are 2 types of individual orders:

* positional orders
* skill-based orders

Positional orders
This isn’t so hard to understand, because you only have 2 options with each 2 influences.

*offensive => increases the next line, decreases the current
*defensive => increases previous line, decreases current.

(e.g.: midfielder as offensive: stronger offence, but a weaker midfield.)

Important remark: this has no influence on the performance of the player individually.

Skill-based orders
Off course it’s different when you want to use a skill-based order. This presents quantity instead of quality. So it doesn’t make your player run faster (increase his skill) but lets him run MORE. The only thing you have to do know is counting.

Example: a CM with next skills:

Heading: 70
Shooting: 80
Passing: 95
Playmaking: 95

When you now look at the individual orders of CM’s, you see the only order they can use is passing. Passing does increase playmaking and passing, but decreases heading and shooting. So this player has a total of 190 points on the skills that will increase with this order and only 150 on the skills that will decrease. So the right IO for this player would be passing.

So start experimenting which order makes your player play better. To make it more easy for you, Peja and OscarCookie developped a tool for SP: .

§ Promotion and relegation
In this topic you can find the prize money that is rewarded when you finish the season at number 1-5.

Beacuse it’s difficult for many managers to see in what division they will be the next season, Peja made an Excel-file to help you find it out. Here you can find the Excel-file.

§ Hints

Hi there

Your Staff : First of all, make sure you have a complete staff!(so not just a trainer, physio and a doctor)
Then send 'm all on a course, unitil they all reach the 100%.This is very important for you and your team!

Your Training : Every player has two headskills.(the two most important skills, these are in bold)Train all your player on these headskills until the skills turn red.Then train them on stamina until it reaches about 50%.Then you can start training whatever you want, if stamina remains above 50% and the headskills are maxed.

Your Transfers : The wisest thing to do is to buy a good player on the central position of every line.
I mean: a GK, a CB, a CM and a CF.
Make sure they are at least 60%, aren't too old and don't have a high agression (maximum 70%).

Your youth : Investing in youth is a very wise thing.The sooner you start with that, the better!
PLayers from your youth facility are young and have more chance of becoming a good player
Your bank players : Make sure you always have 2 matches a day.This way, your A- and B-team can play a lot.On Saturdays, you don't play at all.This is so the fitness of your players keeps in shape.I recommend you don't plpay friendly cups yet.You would only loose money, and you can't control de dates of the matches.Friendlys are very good.There's no price in a friendly, and you can do whatever you want without consequenses (except injuries).

One last hint : be very very careful with your money.It slips away so easy, and in G it's certainly not easy to make some money...

Thx to Bull (Individual Orders), Snoop (TS), krcgenk en akki (Updates), Anthony1989, Gadlfly Fc en lolo13 (tips for beginners)

For additions to these FAQ’s or remarks, you can send a pm to 1 of the moderators.

Posted: Fri Mar 24, 2006 3:05 pm
by Guest
Dupa ce am citit asta am impresia ca acum stiu totul despre SP. thx ca l-ai postat aici. Acum ma duc sa-mi schimb echipa :)

Doua intrebari am: Ce e cu hidden skill ala sau cum se numeste ? In tool apare parca.
#2: Cand incepe campionatul. Probabil ati mai raspuns la astea dar nu gasesc posturile.


Posted: Fri Mar 24, 2006 3:30 pm
by Spawn_9
"Imi permit" sa raspund yo..Hidden skil este tot o calitate..dar ca e ascunsa..pentru a face mai complex jocul..Ea este destul de importanta..aproape ca cele principale (asta stiu yo despre ea..dak mai e ceva..poiate aflu si yo)..Iar campionatul incepe luni..totdeauna este o sapt de pauza intre sezoane..iar intre tur-retur este doar o zi..vinerea..

Posted: Sat Mar 25, 2006 12:16 am
by OCC
Si cu cat e hidden skilul mai mare cu atat e mai bine ? Am un portar de exemplu cu 95.3. O fi bine sau rau ?

Posted: Sat Mar 25, 2006 7:39 am
by Spawn_9
Bineinteles k trebuie sa fie cat mai mare..:)..

Posted: Sat Mar 25, 2006 9:04 pm
by OCC
Astazi am descoperit un lucru care dupa mine e cel mai naspa si idiot lucru la SP. Faptul ca poti vedea jucatorii echipei adverse. Ii vezi ca si cum ar fi ai tai. Asa stiu exact potentialul echipei adverse si stiu la ce sa ma astept. Un mare mare minus din partea mea

Posted: Sat Mar 25, 2006 10:19 pm
by Spawn_9
Da..ii vezi..dar nu vezi exact ce calitati sunt nu mai pot fi antrenate..dar nu e chiar asa de naspa..deoarece si in realitate stii despre juc echipei faci tatica dupa adversdar..din partea mea nu e un lucru rau..sper k ai inteles ce vreau sa zik

Re: !! Intrebari frecvente(FAQ)- CITITI INAINTE SA INTREBATI

Posted: Fri May 19, 2006 7:29 pm
by Guest
am o intrebare.K sa imi creasca jucatorii mai repede ar trebui sa ii antrenez yo sau sa dau auto
matic ?

Re: !! Intrebari frecvente(FAQ)- CITITI INAINTE SA INTREBATI

Posted: Wed Jun 21, 2006 2:29 pm
by God_Father
Anonymous wrote:am o intrebare.K sa imi creasca jucatorii mai repede ar trebui sa ii antrenez yo sau sa dau auto
matic ?
Aceeiasi intrebare si din partea mea...
Mentzionez antrenorul ii la potentzial 100%

Posted: Thu Jun 22, 2006 2:36 pm
by Gonzy
daca antrenorul este bun recomandat ar fi sa dai automatic.

Posted: Thu Jun 22, 2006 4:44 pm
by Spawn_9
Daca managerul e bun...recomand sa-i antrenezi Manual..adik u la fiecare calitate in parte

Posted: Thu Jun 22, 2006 5:44 pm
by kennyanu
da...e mult mai bine sa ii antrenezi tu ;)

Posted: Sat Jul 15, 2006 8:58 am
by mirceamateica
Daca am ajuns pe minus, cat timp am la dispozitie sa ajung iar pe plus?

Posted: Sat Jul 15, 2006 9:42 am
by cretzu
vreo 2-3 saptamani parca ... tu incearca sa iesi la liman cat mairepede

Posted: Tue Jul 25, 2006 12:31 pm
by Dragos14
Am un centru de tineret profesional. Vreau si eu sa stiu de ce nu mi-a crescut nici un junior pana acum?