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[Proposel, update] Pool

Post by armstech » Sat Oct 06, 2007 9:37 pm


What happens to me a lot is that I make a pool-invitation, and that it does not get accepted. Or, even worse, I make one, I log off 5 minuts before the next simulation and only a few seconds before the simulation acutally starts, somebody accepts. So the players I wanted to play that match lose even more moral, and other players lose to much fitness. In the middle of the season, with still a Cup match on wednesday, this can cost you many points. (And let's not have a discussion about whether or not I should have cancelled the open pool-invitation, because that's quite irrelevant to my proposel)

Anyway, now you can make a pool-invations for (I think) 2 simulations ahead. What i'd like to propose is that you can only make a pool-invation for a match at least 6 simulations ahead.

That means that if i'm loggin in on eg. 2 September between the 04:00h and 10:00h simulation, the first pool-invitation I can make is for the 10:00h simulation on September the 3th. Doing so, we also give a small adventage to managers who try to plan everything as good as possible. They can play home-games, which results in a few 10k profit.

Ofcourse, if 6 simulation ahead seems to create an unbalanced pool situation, we can lower that number. But I would certanly increase the current number (which is 2, I think). Anyone with me?


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