investing , building, youths, commercials, staff performance

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investing , building, youths, commercials, staff performance

Post by barosanu » Sun Oct 07, 2007 8:57 pm

less random to things that in real life are depending on fixed things

i talked with a programmer and he adviced me to put this on the forum so that it could be debated( he told it s interesting, and i agree)

you can express you thoughts here and also read the topics below (some ideas are in here . taken from the topics below, i ve read allmost all of them)
but lost of ideeas from this post are mine(not saying that you didn t thought of them you self

so i want to encourage you to debate them and other good ideas that you have in here(but lets keep it stupid ones and now i m thinking of those that want to change the game only for them to benefit, ...we should all be happy about the changes , and not think about cheating, but about competition)


i just came from a football mach from tv(romanian bucharest team dinamo vs romanian galati team otelul) in romania is practiced to give players a bonus for a league game, or an important cup game, i know that now in sp players have an option of bonus for a good result in a game
but i think that an extra% to encrease the morale, or the performance in a mach can be given by adding some means of reward,

i think you understand what i m saying., … the contract by wich a player could play in for 1 2 or 3 seazons, but i m thinking at a player that maibe does not get to play more than 10 15 games in a sezon maibe an optional could be very good to be made in the button where we can arange a team for a mach
and how we can arrange the agresivness or the individual skill maibe we could give some kind of a bonus for some players maibe not for all, if they play that game good and the result is pozitive then they can get that bonus that was set.

and the purpose for that bonus can be either the encreas of morale, or higher performance, or an overall better game that can slightly influence the result and not rely that much on a random performance(and here i mean the games played between teams with similar players

also i want to recommend some more thinking about the way the staf performes
i want to know how good it is, because i can have an 100% member of the staff, but the injuries could be the same with the others

and so i want to have a certainty about the staff performance
(i see that injuries have a great % of happening at the end of the 1 round(after 15games) or at the final of the season
so maibe you can regulate those randoms so that they ramain random

there are times when i have 5 6 injuries and times when i have none, i prefer that i could lower those 5 6(because mostly there are injuries to the players that are v good and perform in the league)

and maibe we should have a bigger ideea about the contribution of the staff, doctor, coach, or the fitness doctor(i dont know how it s called..maseuse...smth like that) so that maibe like that we can understand why a player performes good or bad, why some recover more rapidly or not, and maybe we can emprove the overall quality of the team

ohhh.....about staff

since there could be good staff members or bad ones(like the players are...good or bad) maibe the staff should have more post training(after they reach 100%) or they should be 100%or less, i mean they should have qualities between 50and 100 (maybe), and i m sure that more real thing is to give them bigger pay/sallaryes for those that are trully good performers

about the advertising I have posted an ideea on the topic related to that feature,
I was saying that adverts should be like the prises that are implemented for the top 4/5 of every league, so that top 1 2 from each division H 1234 or H 2344 , or A, or B1 B2 B3…should be different but not to much, but there should be something different between the amount of monmey or the time slot according to the performance that the team had

There were on the forum other posts about investing in the team, building new stores facilities, I m ok with most of that ideeas, because the game is about bmanaging, and we all now that making money depends on transfers mostly, but if we could make more money by investing in something else, there we could perhaps evoid some cheaters that could profit from the biiig transfer list and try to cheat, building stuff in a way so that investing constantly in them , and thrue the way get a profit that can be reinvested can be an ideea to evoid cheats(by the way, if a top A team decides to quit , then that manager should not be able to donate him team to another manager, that should be implemented, so that managers from the lower divisions can enter the A division in case if A teams have that much mioney right now and they cpuld be so good on investing… by quiting that team shopuld remain in the history books like a good performer manager , but not in the game, in the game her place should be taken by another team that has to fight for the promotion)

I strongly recommend that you should think about this an make it possible (if the hard ware permits you), to have the opportunity to invest in things that can emprouve the team quality, managers position, and revenues, investing will lower drasticly the cheaters, the transfers wont be the thing that will get all the attention, my point is that if you have a yought center and you keep all the young players then you can know for sure that they will be good 80+ and that you can get to C or D division only with your yought players(at one point in time maybe lower the time period from 20 day to 15 days for a youth player to come to the team using a hyper center)(if the staff is very good, ..and that’s why I want you to give us opportunities to pay more or to try to find better staff..and so be able to know wich member is trully good or bad for us, not to suppose that if a staff member is 100%means that he does all the right stuff in the club, because now in the game 100%staff doesn’t mean that things are going ok)

hope i didn d couse any bad thing..they are ideas , and if any of them can make the game more interesting, and not tooo complicated, maibe they should be implemented, i whould like some less random actions about things that in real life are not random but they depend on a fixed thing

in time i ll try to modify this post and to organise it so that will be very easy to be read and ideas should be clear and separated from teh chit chat

part of this post in is another topic, but only part of it, i think that having a new topic with this kind of a title we can attract more viewers and comments
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