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Re: Hyperinflation

Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2008 12:49 pm
by zandyy
teotarle wrote:I would strongly disagree with you with respect to hiperinflation.
First of all, if soccerproject wants to be a real simulator, it has to introduce shirt or stadium advertismens, because in reality this is what happens.
In regard to hypperinflation, a good manager has to search alot for the players he wants. Hiperinflation is subject just to superficial users, who because they don't want to spend time searching, just click on the first player they find...

Mate, I’m afraid you do not understand what inflation is. Go check it out. It is about new money coming in, with absolutely no effect from money changing hands between managers.

Any substantial addition of external funds to the game will have an impact. We already concluded that over all money supply increases as we have more managers and as managers stay longer on average. If you want it to be more real and have a general sponsor or whatever you want to call it, no problem – but cut down on income from other sources so that the money supply remains the same. For example, we can reduce the projected income from banners and introduce this general sponsor.

People keep getting confused between what’s important and what simply isn’t. The name of the influx of money is not important over all – it is the overall number that counts. Call it ‘general income’, ‘winning the lottery’ or ‘first prize in a beauty contest’, all that matters is the balance between money coming in and out of the game.

Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2008 2:37 pm
by SBroccoli
Using inflation to derail this suggestion is pretty cheap.

You should rather consider the idea itself. Then discuss the impact on the games' economy.

I.e. if an equal amount of income is removed from the game somewhere else (banner adds?), inflation will stay the same.

From this perspective I don't care. I just think the banner adds are really terribly valued atm.