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Anarchistic supporter

Post by Taufiq » Mon Aug 18, 2008 8:52 am

You know that supporters in some countries can be very anarchistic, such as in england (decades ago), italy, or indonesia. So there must be some conditions that make fans can do anarchistic action such as:

1. Many streaks of losses (being realistic, the effect is lower when the club is expected to be relegated)
2. One big loss (being realistic)
3. Poor financial

And some others as well, resulting in some consequences such as:

1. The club must do a home match without supporters
2. The club must pay fine to the football committee
3. Damage to the stadium and its facilities, thereby making the stadium capacity is not whole thousands, but instead numbers such as 12847, 32579 etc.
4. Fired as a manager after many anarchistic actions

And some others as well. How big the effect is caused by:

1. How critical the condition is (e.g. 7 loss streaks produce less effect than 10 loss streaks)
2. The supporter attendance in the stadium (more attendance can produce more effect)
3. The club itself (low-tabled clubs can accept many consecutive losses and relegation, so they cause less effect)

And some other factors as well.


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