Player Ratings Cap

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Do you think imposing player rating caps is a good suggestion?

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Player Ratings Cap

Post by walcottme » Mon Oct 06, 2008 7:34 am

I am manager of Walcott United, a G division club. I am proposing a player ratings cap for the game.

I feel that it is quite incredible to see rather good teams going up and down Division G and Division H. A reason I have identified is the possible lure of monetary awards, which are most easily attainable in Division H.

Therefore, I am proposing such a cap. For example, teams in Division H will not be allowed to possess or purchase a player of ratings above 78/79/80. Thus, these managers who may want to use the money to buy very good players will be stopped, and they will try to do what is right, and that is promotion and a sustained attempt to prevent relegation.

This cap could be also applied to upper divisions, with specific numbers not given here because I am a Division G manager who hasn't experienced the standards of the top 6 divisions.

Such a cap will be beneficial for healthy competition, and not a willingness for relegation just for more money. We must be willing to compete our teams in tough matches. Furthermore, you will never see real-life teams trying to get their clubs relegated, do you?

However, I feel that adjustments to the monetary prizes are not feasible. These monetary rewards for good performances help to allow managers to do the relevant adjustments, to their stadium or their squad, to survive the season in a higher division. Increasing rewards for higher divisions are also not very feasible, as that will result in a big gap between the teams, and this will also render just-promoted managers rather helpless.

Therefore, I trust that imposing a player ratings cap is good. This dissuades managers from the easier path in a less competitive division, as they certainly do not want to lose their good players. Furthermore, it also acts as a minor punishment to the teams relegated. In real life you see managers sacked and players leaving. But in such a case, managers never leave, thus you can impose the punishment of departure of players.

An alternative suggestion will be the removal of the top 2 players of the club. This may be used on relegated teams which do not have players exceeding the cap.

Thus, I conclude my suggestions. I hope Soccerproject can look into the feasibility of these suggestions and give me a valuable reply.

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Re: Player Ratings Cap

Post by tikI » Mon Oct 06, 2008 2:28 pm

Not good at all what you are trying to explain here and I have 2 examples at which I can think right now:

1) SP Cup will be a trophy that only A division teams will be able to think at. If your proposal will be put into action that will basically mean that not even B division teams won't be able to stand up to fight the teams from the first league as long as they will not be "allowed" to have players better than a certain level. So basically it will be enough for them to line-up their best 6-7 players which have a GR over 92 in order to defeat a B-team which doesn't have not even one over that rating. Very unrealistic in my opinion as nowadays you see quite often lower division teams reaching higher and higher rounds in their domestic cups, for example in France. You might say that it's because of the team's good team work that they succeed in defeating some more respected teams from higher divisions which is very true but please bare in mind that weak teams can also have a very talented or talented players which wasn't/weren't spotted by scouts to join a rich club. A very good example is the case of a player from my national championship, the Romanian one which managers from my country may agree with. It's about a player called Alexandru Curtean who is playing for a team promoted this year from the second division. According to your rules, he shouldn't have been allowed to play for that team for the last seasons as he is a player as good as the majority of the best players from the top teams. However, this summer he was supposed to leave for France straight from the second division. So you see, excellent players with great potential can play in lower divisions.

2) The Friendly Cups will be again a business just for the A league teams. Basically, it would be almost enough for a team from the first division to join a Fr Cup to realise that that competition is over from the very start. This thing is somewhat available with the current rules but at least B and C teams can nevertheless challenge them if they are allowed to posses players as good as their rivals.

Cheers 8)
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Re: Player Ratings Cap

Post by spootytown » Mon Oct 06, 2008 5:56 pm

I'm always happy to see people thinking and suggesting improvements, but I don't think this is a good one, so I voted 'no'.

Basically, any time you restrict or cap what a team can do, you are discouraging healthy competition.

Tiki mentioned Cups, but I see this impacting leagues as well, including you, walcott!

Your proposal will make it more difficult for teams to get promoted (since all teams will be going up to the same cap), and more difficult to stay up once that happens. It isn't fair that you cannot prepare for life after promotion only until after you are promoted.

You are in first right now in your league, so your team is obviously good for G. But what about life in F (or E, or D, etc.)? Why shouldn't you be able to plan for the future, and buy players who will help you compete for next year and higher leagues, not just this current season and this current league? Why should teams in F and E be able to prepare for life in F, but you cannot? Under your proposal, the E teams on the brink of relegation can stock up on E rated (and F rated) players and destroy you next year in F, while Walcott United sits helplessly in G.

If teams want to be relegated, then that's their wish! Let them lose, and wave to them as they go down the leagues and you pass them going up.

But it seems to me that your proposal hurts teams that get promoted more than the teams that get relegated, and that would be opposite of what you are intending to do.

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Re: Player Ratings Cap

Post by walcottme » Thu Oct 09, 2008 6:19 am

Well. Since there is such lack of popularity at this, let me modify my idea.

A big problem stated is that it dissuades healthy competition. It does lots of harm to those promoted.

To tackle this, this can only apply to those teams which are relegated. Unless you are relegated, you will not be susceptible to the disadvantages.

The minor punishment still applies, but there will be no deterrence to the teams remaining in that division.

The new suggestion:

1) Remove players exceeding cap from teams which are relegated
2) All teams can then recruit players of any ratings throughout season

The basis is, if you have very good players, it is hard to avoid promotion.

How is this suggestion theN?

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Re: Player Ratings Cap

Post by spootytown » Fri Oct 10, 2008 6:09 pm

I'm still not quite sure why you want to punish relegated teams so much! In SP, leagues have 16 teams, 6 of whom get relegated each season. That's a huge percentage of teams! If the English premier league had such a high ratio, you would see 7 or 8 teams being relegated each season. :shock: Now imagine each of those teams being required to lose their best players!

As you move up in SP, you will see how fierce the competition can be. Look at the highest league right now, A. 9th place is on 31 points, 15th place is on 28. That is 7 teams that are very close and very competitive, and 5 of them will be relegated.

Your proposal would strip them of their "A level players", yet you are allowing current B teams to buy A level players. So some very good A teams will get dropped, and along with the existing penalties for relegation, they will suddenly be handicapped again against the suddenly stronger B teams. They'll have to rebuild their team, costing team spirit, which will cost them games at that level, and they'll struggle just to avoid relegation again.

It just doesn't sound like a good idea to me...

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Re: Player Ratings Cap

Post by walcottme » Tue Oct 14, 2008 9:13 am

There has been too much talk about the problems that will arise at THE TOP OF THE GAME, that is, Division A and B.

What I had mentioned is, for example cap on Division H teams, at 78-80. Do you think, after moving up so many divisions, will there be any resultant cap at all?

Do you think you have a handful of players who are rated above 95?

From H to B, there is a gap of 7 divisions. Surely the cap for Division G will be greater than 82.

If the calculations continue, there will be NO CAP in the Divisions A and B, maybe not even C. There may be limited impact on Division D too.

My suggestion is for increased competition in the lower rungs of the game. I am in Division G and poised for promotion. I am speaking for the newcomers and those who hadn't joined the game long enough to be challenging in the higher rungs of the game.

Please do note the purpose and context of such a suggestion, and please do remember there is really little impact on the top. Therefore, please stop thinking about the 6 teams getting relegated from Division A. That is clearly far from my target of attention.

Does it matter much, if you are stripped of your best players after relegation to Division H? Competition in Division H is such that newcomers can be promoted within about 2 seasons. If you have such a good squad, it is really difficult to get relegated. There comes to my purpose, to actually deny the right of cheating.

I should have made it clear, that these problems and solutions are from and for the lower half of the game, spanning from about Division E to H. If you have made a team rise to Division B or C, you are already a very top level manager with a very top level team, and end of season money bonuses will not appeal as much, and the tendency or the urge to cheat in the manner I have identified will be largely minimized.

Thank You.

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Re: Player Ratings Cap

Post by Razvanica » Tue Oct 14, 2008 9:32 am

Just an example. You are in G and you are allowed to have players of 80 max. Teams in F are allowed to have players of 85 max. Of course, teams in F will have at least an A team formed with players of 85 (the players will also be cheaper as G and H teams can not bid for them). Let's say you will win promotion in F. You will have to buy 11 players to fight against F teams. Let's pretend you have the money for it (as I said, the players would be cheaper but 11*x can be an important sum). If you buy all the players at once, you will loose your TS and you will get relegated. If you don't buy them at once, you will have a weaker team and you will still get relegated. So I don't think your feature would help new teams, as you say. I believe it would transform promotion into a nightmare.
And another thing. If I have a youth (I buy him or he gets promoted) of GR 30 and he trains and he becomes a superstar with GR 95, but I am in F division, what would happen with this player? Maybe you should rethink your proposal and realize all the implications it brings with it.

PS: And I don't consider teams playing in a lower division although they have the potential to win promotion as cheaters. Everyone has a different goal in this game and maybe they want to be the first G team that wins the SP Cup or the team that wins 6 consecutive promotions.
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Re: Player Ratings Cap

Post by SBroccoli » Wed Oct 22, 2008 12:19 pm

I have no problem with ppl playing purely for cups and ending at 3rd place in H season after season.

It's the charm of the game that you can chose different long term strategies.
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Re: Player Ratings Cap

Post by Taufiq » Sun Nov 02, 2008 2:20 pm

I don't agree because this will make the H-League, where more than 50% of the managers play, become 'limited'. The quality of H-League will significantly decrease because a lot of (maybe all) H-League team will be restricted to have a good quality. If your idea is applied, you damage more than 50% of the Soccerproject, means all! Sjarel should be angry to your idea.

Also, H-League is important. It's the source of good players and new Soccerproject members. If you damage H-League with your idea, people inside and outside Soccerproject world will think that Soccerproject isn't good anymore because they cannot have good team when their teams are on the bottom half of the quality ordering. Soon they will no longer visit this game and ends.

Example, in real world there are some teams that promote and relegate on and on. No quality limiting is allowed. And in real world in fact money is a deciding factor in team's achievement.

Don't limit them. It's their club, and it's their own responsibility. If something needs to be changed, maybe it's the Soccerproject basic. For example, a totally exhausted team still can win. In fact it can't. And there should be more tactics alternative, too.


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