Pitch renewal phase changes

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Pitch renewal phase changes

Post by fkk » Wed May 20, 2009 11:02 am

As some threads in this forum already stated, these infamous pitch renewals, when the pitch status starts to drop quickly and there's nothing a manager can do about it, but read the forums and get to know he has to build a new one, should be taken to a more realistic level i think.

To my mind
it absolutely does make sense that a pitch needs renewal from time to time, but
it does not make sense that nobody informs the manager of such massive issues beforehand (i especially have the groundsman in mind ;)), and
it does not make sense that the club management accepts match losses just like that and e.g. does not look around to play its games on some other pitch while the own one is being renewed.

So i have two ideas to make this thing more realistic:

1. When the pitch has reached "End Of Life" (there must be a flag or something in the database i assume), a short message is sent to the manager informing him/her that the pitch cannot be kept in shape anymore and needs renewal within x days, or matches will be lost.

2. When the pitch status has dropped too low to play matches, the club may rent another stadium (of course paying some decent fees ;)) for playing home games.

My preference would be implementing both, but i think it would be most practical to implement just the message (1), as it addresses the real problem more directly AND is surely easier to implement. ;)
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Re: Pitch renewal phase changes

Post by Razvanica » Wed May 20, 2009 11:48 am

When your pitch status goes under a certain level, you have a message like "You should really change the pitch" in your Stadium section. It's true that you don't get a message in your inbox but the info is available and it should be your duty as a manager to check it from time to time.
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