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Man of the Match

Post by h00psta » Mon Jun 06, 2005 11:48 pm

I think this was requested before (even by me), but I just want to bring it up again, as I think its a good idea and can easily be implemented.

Basically, the player with the highest rating from the winning team is Man of the Match.

Simply, you could write this at the end of the match report in a separate box, along with a description, similar to those for the match facts (i.e. not necessarily 100% accurate). For example, if it's a defender, you could write about his great defensive display.

You could also tally up the number of times a player has been MotM in his profile.


But it's not that easy. I came up with some problems:

1. Imagine you win 3-2, hat trick from your striker, but your defender has the best rating. Would you give the MotM to your striker in reality? Probably. Maybe it could be implemented if a player scores 3 or more goals, he "overrides" the ratings and is by default the MotM.

2. The best players get the highest ratings. If you have an 88% player and the rest are around 82% or less, I think that player will always gain the best rating. Whilst he's probably important in all games, I doubt in reality he would be MotM.

I don't have any idea how to solve the 2nd problem.

Maybe there is a better way than merely to pick from ratings. But the bottom line is, I think such a feature would be a good addition...

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Post by jamiehutber » Tue Jun 07, 2005 10:41 am

well the problem arn't really problem. Becuase i have played in many games where a player has scored more then 3 goals and played rubbish.. scoring goals isn't about playing well... to play you have to play for the team.. so if a player had a higher rating that would mean he played better.#

problem 2 isn't either becuase its like saying if henry plays ever game to the best of his ablity hes not aloud to get man of the match. Simple if you have the best player he should get man of the match if he gets the highest rating...

Good idea i like it!
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Post by matt » Tue Jun 07, 2005 4:35 pm

Maybe you can solve the problem when in the future in a matchreport, defenders and goalkeepers would also be mentioned in a positive way and midfielders maybe a little bit more. If there's more balance in that, it would become possible to deduct the man of the match as the one who appears most in a positive way in the matchreport.

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Post by Randall Rovers » Tue Jun 07, 2005 8:03 pm

Personally i think its a great idea. I would like to see this feature. Would make the matches more professional.

Also when a player gets man of the match. It can boost that players morale and experience.
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Post by BobStanley » Wed Jun 08, 2005 9:35 pm

I agree with hoopsta that selecting motm based purely on rating is probably not the best way to go. Sorry Jamiehutber, but again I agree with hoopsta in that if my LF with a 55 match rating scores 3 goals and my 65 rated CF only scores one, motm should go to the LF.

I think to make this easy to implement assuming Sjarel would and that a lot people think this is a good idea, we would have to come up with specific criteria for motm such as:

- In a shut out MOTM goes to the winning keeper

- In a low scoring close match but both teams score, MOTM goes to a defender on the winning team chosen by the game.

- In a high scoring close match where both teams score, MOTM goes to a midfielder on the winning team chosen by the game.

- In a high scoring match where both teams score but it's not close, MOTM goes to the forward on the winning team with the most goals.

Whoever, gets MOTM gets an experience boost.

Just a thought and I'm sure all of this extra calculation would add extra time during simulations so I'd imagine that people would have to really like this idea to make it worth doing....



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