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Re: reject transfer

Post by C.A. Peñarol » Sun Nov 30, 2008 11:59 am

Is it that hard to go to Team>Transfers>Overview and search for a similar player to the one your selling?

You can easily get an idea on what amount of money to expect from a player and if you receive a single abnormal offer, then you report it. If there are various teams bidding at reasonable intervals and the player is sold at a tad higher price than the average, then that's something I like to call good business.

Or if you are completely unsure about an offer, you can just ask one of the sheriffs for their opinion, but I guess they're usually busy. I've had luck that I had the chance to come in contact with one that advised me on certain offers that were made, but that was for a player I sold at $35M+ which was hard to estimate his true value.

...Anyways, rejecting an offer could mean more cheating. Imagine a manager who runs two teams and rejects all legit offers, but accepts his second team's offer. How are you going to track the cheater if he sold the player at a some-what normal price? Will the bidders be able to object to the rejection?

I'm for this idea if the team rejecting the offer gives a clear explanation of why he is rejecting an offer, if the reason seems valid, then we can deal with the bidder. If the bidder seems like he has a valid reason as well, they would both receive a strike. If either one of them obtain another strike anytime in the following two months from the first strike, then tough measures should be taken against the infringing team. Also, transfers between both teams should be automatically denied for at least two seasons.

But in no way I'm saying that we should ban everyone who makes a high bid, there might be multiple reasons behind it, including silly mistakes.
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Re: reject transfer

Post by bedfil254187 » Tue Dec 09, 2008 1:20 am

I'm sorry but i dont really see what you guys call cheating.
If I set my player's value at 1M and someone offers me 10M out of the blue that mean he loaned the money from SP or worked hard for that money, therefore he's allowed to spend it as he wished. But I don't see why someone would pay 5,10,20 times the asked value unless he over punched a zero and didn't realize it. If accepting a high offer is cheating what about those who give high salaries to (free) players.
I believe in " Let the market decide" and if it decides to pay me more than asked let it be so.
I think to avoid all this confusion SP should set a system such that no one can pay way above the asked price. Until then we will all be here arguing over it.
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Re: reject transfer

Post by Rosen » Mon Dec 29, 2008 12:20 am

I think that when you put a player on the transfer list,right to the box,where you must write the amount,that you want,should be writen something like this "The regular price for this player is .....".There are too many players to look and you can't know which of they is normal and which isn't(if the difference is not in milions).

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Re: reject transfer

Post by piciu_brunet » Mon Dec 29, 2008 6:40 pm

Razvanica, you say to report a raise of the sum. Let me give you an example:
Starting price: 50K. I offer 50, the other one 60, I raise 70, he raise 80. Then a G team offers 300K and the player is taken. Should I report it?
Conclusion: Does it matter the sum or the procent?
My point? You can't have a strict rule, it's everyone's choice! :idea:

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Re: reject transfer

Post by matts » Tue Jan 13, 2009 3:04 pm

and than u must consider if it isn't a buying strategy offering a sudden raise, in the hope the other managers are not interestd anymore. In that case u could make a profit, because when u fought for the player the price could have gone higher. Than there also is the instant-buy, ofcourse everybody choses that higher, because u give somebody the option that 'let say for example: need the player the next morning for a important match'

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Re: reject transfer

Post by Taufiq » Tue Feb 03, 2009 12:28 pm

OK, reject transfer must be possible. But in case of cheating, lets compare to real world football.

In real football price of players with similar quality can be different. It depends on quality, potential, age, position and even economic strength and transfer patterns in the country where a football player is. For example, a player in Indonesia is normally free just after the end of the season because the contract normally last a season, not a year. If the player has a contract, the fee is normally 25000-30000 Euros when converted, while the similar player in England worth more than 100000 Euros. It's 3-4 fold. Or a GK and a striker will be different in transfer price. Negotiation difficulty also determines. For example, value of a player can raise exponentially due to the club doesn't want to sellthe player, or a lot of offers for the same player. This even can be done with SP examples. One of my players last season is only expected to be sold at 50000, but through successive increment I decided to sell the player before 7 days and it's 3,5 M!

The transfer price still depends on manager's strategy. It cannot be limited or somewhat else.

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Re: reject transfer

Post by Notwell » Tue Mar 03, 2009 11:39 am

Why should it be possible to reject a bid? The tool for reporting a suspect bid is already there.

The possibility to reject bids opens for cheating, the ways to cheat isn't only transferring a player for a ridiculous high fee but also for a ridiculous low fee. Apart from right out cheating by multiclubbers, it would also open for friends "favours".


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